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For Users

1. How much will I be paying for one Consultation?
Each expert specializes in their respective fields. Their fee varies from the area of consultation and expertise level.

2. Are the expert listed on Adviceli qualified or experienced enough to give advice?
We believe in serving you the best out of all. We personally verify their qualification and experience before listing them.

3. Is the consultation fee refundable?
Yes, the fee is 100% refundable, if you cancel the appointment or even if you are unsatisfied with the consultation provided by the expert.

4. Is there any extra cost involved to consult an expert?
No, there is no extra cost. You only need to pay the consultation fee that is mentioned on the platform.

5. What are the modes through which I can connect with the expert?
You have three modes available: Phone Call, Video Call or Personal Meeting.

6. Can I cancel/reschedule the appointment?
Yes, you can do the same 4 hours prior to the scheduled time.

7. Are there any cancellation charges?
It is depended on the service you avail and the expert. Expert may or may not have any cancellation charges. You can see it while booking appointment or in your appointment section inside “my account”.

8. What if, the experts cancel appointment?
This doesn’t happen but if it does, we will inform you via SMS or drop and email at registered mail id. You can either reschedule the appointment or get refunded 100%.

9. What if, I am unable to take the scheduled call?
We will give another call in the span of 5 minutes. If this goes unanswered the appointment will be auto cancelled. You can always reschedule in advance seeking your unavailability from “my account” section in your panel.

10. What if, I am unable to attend scheduled Video-call or Personal Meeting?
We would suggest you attend the same, if there are unavoidable circumstance, you can always reschedule it 4 hours in advance from “my account” section in your panel.

11. What if, the call gets disconnected in between?
We will ensure about the connectivity. However, if it happens, we will give you a call in 5 minutes span.

12. What if, the Video-call gets disconnected in between?
Please check your internet connection, if it seems fine, you can reinitiate the call from your panel.

13. Can call discussion extend beyond the fixed time slot?
No, the call will be auto-disconnected after fixed time slot. You can schedule a follow-up consultation with the same expert.

14. Can Video-call/Personal Meeting extend beyond the fixed time slot?
It depends on your discussion with the adviser; they can continue it for few more minutes.

15. Will I be refunded if the consultation gets completed before the fixed time slot?
No, you will be charged for the complete time slot, so we request you to utilize the time provided and clear all your queries.

16. What if, I want to send few documents to expert to study my case/report before consultation?
You can always upload the documents by logging in to your panel and selecting “upcoming appointments” section. You will be able to upload the documents you want to send. Expert will receive the documents in their panel or via mail.

17. Can adviser send their prescription/report to user post consultation?
Yes, if need be, they can and the user will receive the same in their “completed order” section in their panel.

If any of your queries are still unanswered, we would appreciate your response on connect@adviceli.com

For Advisers

1. How to define my consultation fee?
You can choose your consultation charges according to you as it will vary from expert to expert and category to category.

2. How & when do I get paid?
We transfer payments every Wednesday. For e.g. the appointments attended from Tuesday to Monday will be paid on Wednesday.
If due to any reason you have not received the payment, please feel free to write to us at advisershelp@adviceli.com

3. How to register my bank account?
You can provide us your bank account details from your adviser panel. This will be registered account, where you will receive payment. No other account will be funded by adviceli.

4. What is the tax deduction for my consultation?
We do not deduct any taxes while paying you. You need to pay your tax.

5. What are modes through which a user gets connected to me?
The user will book an appointment depending on the available dates. Please ensure that you update your availability with us, timely.
In case of Phone-call appointment, our server will call you to connect with the user. The minute you pick up the call, you will be connected to your user.
In case of Video-call appointment, you need to be logged in and available before your system to take the call. Either you or the user can initiate the call by clicking on Video-call button.
In case of Personal meting appointment, user will be present on your given location for the meeting.

6. Can I edit my profile?
Yes, you can edit your profile according to your ease.

7. Is my details/privacy secured?
Your details are completely safe and secure with us. We do not reveal your contact details with the user. While, we do share your address and number for the personal meeting but it is shared only to the concerned user.

8. Where can I get details of upcoming events and past consultation?
You can check the same on your dashboard. User might upload documents in regards to the consultation, as it will prepare for your advice.

9. Can I cancel/reschedule the consultation confirmed earlier?
We won’t recommend you to do that, but if it’s necessary please reschedule it 4 hours before the scheduled time from your panel.

10. What if, I would like to send reports/documents to the user after consultation?
Please selected “completed appointments” section in your panel & upload the documents. User will receive it in their panel or via mail. Documents can be sent maximum by the end of 5 days from consultation.

11. Can I as an expert, seek advice from other experts in different domain?
Yes, you can book appointment with any expert available on the platform to get advice.

12. How can I get more appointments through Adviceli?
This depends on three factors
Your profile on adviceli is complete as complete profile attracts users.
You are not cancelling/rescheduling any appointments.
You are able to satisfy the user for enabling him to give good rating.

13. Am I held legally responsible for advice I give?
No we ensure our experts are protected and not liable for advice they suggest.

If any of your queries are still unanswered, we would appreciate your response on advisersconnect@adviceli.com

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